SAP Delivery (Introduction)

The creation of the delivery note in SAP is the starting point of the delivery process in warehouse.Delivery actually is the term used to define the process in which the sales order information is passed to warehouse in SAP and the quantities are mentioned in the delivery note.

There are some salient features that needs to be noted for delivery:

1. Changes to the sales order are generally avoided once the delivery is created.

2. The delivery/deliveries are passed to warehouse in fixed intervals in form of batches. The only exception being rush orders.

3. In SAP,it is very much possible to combine multiple sales orders  into a single delivery provided the shipping is to same destination with same timeline and other factors like address.

4. Manual or automatic process using the delivery due list is responsible for creation of deliveries using sales documents.

5. In SAP outbound delivery can be created after fulfilling certain criteria with reference to either
   (i) Sales order
   (ii) Stock transport order
  (iii) subcontract order
   (iv) project
  (v) No reference

6. SAP has provided default delivery types for most of the scenarios. For example,outbound standard delivery has delivery type LF, returns delivery has type LR    etc.The details can be checked in the SAP system using the delivery tcode(VL03n).

7. Based on customer agreements, complete and partial deliveries are permitted in SAP system. Combining of outbound deliveries into a single group of delivery is also permitted.

8.  A delivery output is expected to have the following:
    Billing of lading
   Certificate of Analysis(CoA)

9. The delivery output can be passed to the customer either in printed paper or electronically.

10. Delivery due list is a  generated list containing information on all sales documents which are due for delivery to customer with special emphasis on time and shipping point. Deliveries for sales orders and purchase orders can be taken care in delivery due list.

11.The overviews tab in delivery  helps the users to monitor the outbound deliveries.

12.Picking and Post goods issue are part of the delivery process.
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